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11 Jan 2010: ODBC driver for jBASE: Version 1.0


  • NEW: SSH (Secure Shell) network protocol support.

  • NEW: Tables filtering feature; Defining filtering patterns and applying them to aliases.

  • NEW: Performance improvement when App Server and ODBC Client reside on the same machine.

  • NEW: UDF/SP items can now be renamed and copied (via pop-up menu).
  • NEW: Displaying the amount of data in megabytes downloaded from jBASE for a given query.

  • FIX: Several GUI issues in Administrator tool.
  • FIX: Client DLL cutting char field's output to 20 characters (DisplayWidth property).

  • FIX: Calling UDF with parameters expanded by EX.

  • FIX: T24 SMS settings - "ALL" company code now processed correctly.

  • FIX: Occasional App Server error "The changes you requested to the table were not successful..."

  • FIX: Last character of a text output in SP/UDF was cut in some cases.

  • FIX: Altova MapForce product compatibility issues.



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