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20 Jan 2011: ODBC driver for jBASE maintenance update


  • NEW: Support for Oracle BI solution

  • NEW: Data types WideString and WideMemo now supported within ADO interface

  • FIX: Support for UTF-8 3-byte characters

  • FIX: Exceptions generated by uninitialized variable warnings in Database Module

  • FIX: Error messages '...duplicate values in the index, primary key...'

  • FIX: Occasional 'Invalid license key' error messages in some setups

  • UPDATE: Substantial speed improvement for queries with over 1KB of resulting data per record

  • FIX: Occasional crash or lack of response during installation of the Database Module

  • FIX: Administrator tool - small fixes and tweaks

Important! Existing customers are kindly asked to update all three modules starting with ODBC Application Server.


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