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JDBC driver for T24

Vultar JDBC driver for T24 is a software connector enabling Java applications to interact with T24 banking system. It is designed to extract financial data from T24 to data warehouses with unprecedented performance.

 ODBC schema

Focusing on speed and features

Vultar JDBC Driver for T24 raises the bar of performance and efficiency. With a small footprint on memory and storage subsystems, the driver will deliver millions of records to your datawarehouse in a fraction of time. It will automatically detect INTEGER, CURRENCY and DATETIME field types. Seamless integration of concat files will dramatically lower the time of querying data.

Why Vultar JDBC driver for T24?

·  It’s fast.
·  Efficient multithreaded engine
·  Seamless integration with reporting and ETL tools
·  Easy installation and setup
·  Doesn’t require additional components
·  Full Unicode / ANSI character sets support
·  T24: Field types auto detection
·  T24: Native mapping of local fields
·  Multi-valued data support:
· Accessing value/sub-value with SQL
· Summarizing values/sub-values
· Expanding values into additional records
· And more…
· Column aliases
· Activity monitor (administration module)
· And more…

Develop your own ETL system!

Vultar JDBC driver for T24 is a perfect solution for IT teams looking for a fast data delivery platform - a critical element for custom high performance ETL systems.

Video demos:  Coming soon...




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