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Vultar ODBC driver for jBASE is the most powerful solution for jBASE data mining and reporting processes. Now, financial analysts can easily retrieve necessary patterns of data directly from the jBASE system and perform analysis on large sets of transaction data with their favorite tools, be it Excel, Crystal Reports or any other ODBC client application.

 ODBC schema

Focusing on speed and features

Our goal is to offer a real choice for users working on a jBASE platform. Extract jBASE data with your favorite reporting tool, perform instant queries, reconciliation processes or other decision-making activities directly from Win32 environment.

The driver uses jQL engine in its core. Concat/index files customization feature will help users executing queries on large files many times faster. User defined function calls, stored procedures, field joins (J-TYPE), data type conversions, I-TYPE fields, multi-value data access and aggregates are just few of the available features. Reuse your jBC code in your custom user friendly GUI applications developed in .NET or Win32 environments.

Temenos T24 ready.

The most popular banking system powered by Vultar ODBC driver for jBASE establishes a new business intelligence platform. The driver has ability to use some important features of T24 product, thus bringing analytical processing to a new level of efficiency. Company and SMS validations will prevent accessing unauthorized data. For your comfort, the driver will automatically detect INTEGER, CURRENCY and DATETIME field types. Seamless integration of concat files will dramatically improve the performance of any ETL or reporting system. Tired of old-fashioned unformatted reports? Give them a second life with your favorite reporting tools.

Why Vultar ODBC driver for jBASE?

·  It’s fast.
·  Efficient multithreaded engine
·  Seamless integration with any reporting tool
·  Easy installation and setup
·  Doesn’t require additional components
·  Full Unicode / ANSI character sets support
·  T24: Field types auto detection
·  T24: Native mapping of local fields
·  T24: Full SMS support
·  jBC user defined function calls
·  jBC stored procedures. EXECUTE statement
·  Aggregate functions SUM, COUNT
·  I-TYPE fields support (I-Descriptors)
·  Field joins (J-TYPE)
·  Multi-valued data support:
· Accessing value/sub-value with SQL
· Summarizing values/sub-values
· Expanding values into additional records
· And more…
· Column aliases
· jQL EVAL support
· Activity monitor (administration module)
· And more…

Develop your own ETL system!

Vultar ODBC driver for jBASE is a perfect solution for IT teams looking for a fast data delivery platform - a critical element for custom high performance ETL systems.

Video demos:  Preparing a connection and retrieving jBASE data with popular utilities

  1. Defining a new jBASE alias with Administrator tool
  2. Setting up ODBC Administrator
  3. Querying T24 data with Microsoft Excel
  4. Creating a simple report in Crystal Reports 2008



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