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Ultracalc Reporting System is all-in-one solution for legal and regulatory reporting. Based on three-tier architecture and modern GUI, Ultracalc delivers a new level of efficiency in report production. Years of continuous improvement process and quality control gave Ultracalc unprecedented performance and usability without compromises.

Centralized access to thousands of reports, fast recalculations with powerful multithreaded engine, report archiving and user access restrictions are just few of many unique features of Ultracalc.



Design your reports in a single and intuitive WYSIWYG environment  with  little or no help from your IT department. Powerful, yet simple interface and familiar spreadsheet style makes the report designing a pleasure.

Perform ad-hoc queries, adjust layout of the report, apply all kind of formatting and save it back to server. Due to multiple calculation streams, retrieve the results many times faster and share it with your colleagues instantly in various readable formats.

Consolidate your financial data

Whether there is a requirement to build a report from different data sources, ULTRACALC is the right solution. Select the data from several databases, and do it even in parallel streams to speed up the process! You can seamlessly retrieve results from databases of different vendors within one layout. Parametrization for data connectivity is performed centralized on the server. Merge, group, aggregate or process results with the embedded object oriented macro language.

·    Three-tier architecture
·    Spreadsheet style, modern GUI
·    WYSIWYG interface
·    Powerful administration module
·    Object oriented macro language
·    Enquiry headers, footers, groupings…
·    Cells, buttons, combo-boxes, sheets
·    Supporting millions of rows
·    Powerful application server:
·   multiple calculation threads
·   connection pooling
·   ODBC, OLE DB and native jBase connectivity
·   centralized repository of report metadata
·   user profiles
·   activity log, and more...
·    Integrated Data Explorer
·    Multiple data sources in one report
·    And much more...

Cost-effective maintenance

The majority of change requests are applied in a matter of minutes. Metadata of the existing reports can be easily understood and modified even by a newcomer. With ULTRACALC, the overall demand of your IT department will be dramatically reduced.

Enterprise level administration

ULTRACALC Administrator provides the ability to secure and control remotely your sensitive data. Users, groups and roles definitions, activity and event log browsing are just few of the available features. Define development, test or production environments for working groups, custom parameters (user departments, archiving levels...). Grant or deny the access rights at group or individual user level.

System integration

Acting as a COM server, ULTRACALC client module can be easily embedded into the existing OLTP application and be triggered for efficient enquiry and report productions.


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